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Do I need to be an experienced runner to do this?
Not at all, the COMBAT Color run is for everyone, whether you are an experienced runner or newbie.  Worry less about the running and more about having fun.

What is included with my registration packet?
Runners will receive a custom event shirt, a pair of sunglasses, a bag of color, and a bottle of water.  Children and students can run for free but will not receive a registration packet.

Where can I get my registration packet?
You can pick up your packet the day of the run at the registration tables.

Can I register the day of the run?
Absolutely, just show up.

Do you donate to a charity?
Yes, since this is the COMBAT Color Run, organized by United States Veterans, all proceeds will be used to grow the SSV and fund the Connor Cloud Scholarship for Veterans @ UW.

Can I run with a jogging stroller and my kids?
Although this will result in colorful children and inhibit your dodging ability, all children 10 and under can run with an adult free of charge and do not need to register!  However, the parent will need to sign a waiver.  Our staff will make sure to not aim for the little ones.

Can I run with my dog?
Sorry, no furry friends of any kind.  We are working on this.

Is there an age limit for younger runners?
There is no age limit, but they need to be able to make it through the three miles (running, jogging, walking, or being pushed).  Children 11 and over must register.

How is the color administered?  Will I be hurt, maimed, or killed?
Enemy combatants will be attacking the runners along the way with color.  It is like getting hit with powdered sugar.  Laugh and keep going, and you will be fine.  Enemy combatants will aim for the middle of your body and away from children, but a bandana or goggles can be worn if you wish.

Will the color ruin clothes or running shoes?
The “color” does mostly wash out after the event.  As with anything dirty, the sooner you wash it the better.  We suggest wearing items that you wouldn’t mind getting colorful.  If you would like to preserve the color in your running shirt, spray it with vinegar and iron it before you wash it.  We will also take donations of your dirty shoes to donate to the VA in Cheyenne, WY.

Do you have “cleaning stations” at the finish after party?
No, unfortunately there will not be cleaning stations.  Enjoy the colorful expression of your fitness, and wear your colors proudly.  See our color instructions for more advice.

How does the color affect the inside of cars?
People should bring towels for the insides of their cars, just in case.

Can spectators attend the post-race party?
Absolutely, color and white t-shirts will be available for purchase.  However, they may get a little colorful.  Food, drink, and music will also be near.

Are cameras and phones safe to have in the color zones?
We will have photographers in a couple of spots including the finish line, but if you want to get shots right in the midst of the action, we recommend covering cameras/phones with plastic wrap.  Our photos will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

Is it timed?
This is a timed event.  However, this run is about having fun and supporting our veterans.

How do the “battles” work?
We provide one bag of color in your registration packet and more can be purchased at check-in or the finish if desired.  In “battles,” color is thrown by hand at an opponent, and the opponent will throw color back.  The powder likes to spread out.  This makes hitting an opponent a challenge, and the “battles” more fun.

Are there refunds?
Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds.  The logistics of setting up and planning the event make it impossible.  Just make sure you are good to go before signing up.  Contact us if there is a serious concern.

How do I transfer my registration to another person?
We are sorry, but there are no transfers unless both parties are present when the registration packet is received.